• 10May2012 : “Chapter 1. Reboot” published.
  • 11May2012: “Chapter 2. West Egypt” and “Chapter 3. LawMart” published.
  • 14May2012: “Chapter 3. LawMart” revised.
  • 15May2012: “Chapter 4. Fred the Barber” published.
  • 16May2012: “Chapter 5. The Folk Philosopher”, “Chapter 6. Smart Oil” and “Chapter 7. The Harvester and the Kid” added. “Chapter 1. Reboot” published.
  • 18May2012: “Chapter 8. Little Hovel on the Prairie” published.
  • 22May2012: “Chapter 2. West Egypt” revised.
  • 15Sept2012: “Chapter 7. The Harvester and the Kid” revised.
  • 3Oct2012: Print Gallery, Sounds and Miscellany section published. Material added.
  • 8Oct2012: “Chapter 9. The Kansas Book of the Dead” added, “Chapter 8. Little Hovel on the Prairie” revised.
  • 10Oct2012: “Chapter 10. Down in the Basement” draft added.
  • 15Oct2012: “Chapter 11. Ad Astra” draft added.
  • 21Oct2012: Changelog added.
  • 21Oct2012 : Chapter 0.0.1 published.
  • 22Oct2012 : Comics section added.
  • 19Nov2012: Many new header images uploaded. Had a bad night of sleep and decided to rewrite many of the pages I’ve already uploaded. Look for changes in Dec.
  • Feb2013: Revisions to chapter schema
  • 9Apr2014: Revisions to “”Chapter 1. West Egypt” and “Chapter 2. Law Mart”. Minor changes to “Chapter 0.0.1. Mars’ Back Pocket.”

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