The Alien Field Service Recordings, circa 1996, SF, CA. From when I was trying to start a dating service, a 900 number for aliens to call in order to hook up. Recorded in a flat on 18th St. Based on scripts written by the Spacemummy, featuring vocal performances by friends and family. Engineered by Spum.

Alien Field Service Recordings - Princess Marveluci the Embryonic Princess of Xero Alien Field Service Recordings - Senseless Ball of Muscle Alien Field Service Recordings - Planetary Booty Sisters

Spacemummy Mummyship Recordings were recorded on long space adventures when not being attacked or encountering strange beings made of Star Jelly.

Spacemummy - Isis Spacewalk Spacemummy - Compost Reactor Spacemummy - Thoughts of Import

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  1. suzanne johnson says:

    Thanks, Spacemummy! These are fun songs. I enjoyed listening to them as I went through the new 2020 work. Nice background music.

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